Become A Profitable
Trader And Investor

At Become A Trader we break trading and investing down to simple building blocks and show you how to assemble them for success. Get proven processes, strategies, templates and tools that help you to perform in every market condition.  Learn through 1:1 templates how you can use the financial markets to reach your goals.

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Become A Profitable
Trader And Investor


At Become A Trader we break trading and investing down to simple building blocks and show you how to assemble them for success. Get proven processes, strategies, templates and tools that help you to perform in every market condition.  Learn through 1:1 templates how you can use the financial markets to reach your goals.

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Trading & Investing isn't magic, it's cause and effect


At Become A Trader we help our clients to get laser focused and work on the most leveraged activities that really generate the results.

Truth is, most retail traders or investors are not profitable and lose money. The biggest problem is that they don’t have a proven strategy and a predictable way to find good opportunities, protect their capital and manage their time.

They work way too hard and spend way too much of their hard earned time, money and energy to figure out how to do this and still don’t get the results they want.

We at become a trader specialize in helping our clients to get consistent results through the implementation of proven strategies and processes that we have developed and used ourselves for more than a decade.

If you want to profit from the financial markets, while protecting and growing your capital no matter the market conditions, or spending hours in front of your screen...

Then you are in the right place. We at Become A Trader help you to understand the structure and mechanics of the markets and give you the strategies, templates and processes to get predictable results while protecting your capital. 

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Client Case Study

Lewis has always been interested in the financial markets. After trying his hand and losing £13,000 in the stock market Lewis decided to get a thorough education so that this wouldn't happen again. 


Through the Become A Trader Academy Lewis gained the knowledge required on how to implement risk management along side a strategy to stop making losses like he had made in the past.


Finished 2020 68.09% in profit. 



”The entire Become A Trader team have assisted me greatly and am really glad I am apart of it. For those that are interested in numbers I finished 2020 68.09% up and that is using the Become A Trader strategies and placing my first trade on 21st October 2020.“


”This mentoring program has significantly supported me in the development of my trading and given me a different view of trading and what is really needed become successful. My results has become more sustainable over time, built my confidence and made trading less stressful regardless of current market conditions."

3 years ago Ulf was looking for a change in career and wanted to work more independently. He was tired of getting next to nothing with his savings in a bank account and decided to take action. 

Ulf has always wondered if he would be good at investing and trading. he finally took the plunge when he joined Become A Trader in 2019 and decided to learn the most effective way to grow his savings. Through our support system which compromises with routine calls and analysis. Ulf was able to gain confidence within his own abilities and utilize & apply the concepts and methodology he has learned.  

3-5% account growth on a monthly basis. 


Catherine Taylor

"Being supported in my trading journey by Avi & Hrishi allowed me to go from a trader who failed to make consistent returns over 3 years, into a successful trader who is confident of achieving my monthly targets set. The course and support is world class."

Ian Lockwood

"I am up 26% on my account in just 3 months of trading. I can not thank the team at Become A Trader enough. Their support has really helped me become confident in my trading. Thank you for showing me this was possible."

Michelle Brown

"Being a mother of three children I wanted to learn how to be able to trade in a way that fits my lifestyle. Using the amazing support and variety of strategies at become a trader, I was able to fit the perfect trading routine into my lifestyle."

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How Our Trainings Work

     Online e-learning
  • 24 / 7 access to our training videos that are broken down to bite sizable lessons with clear action steps

  • Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, anytime you like

  • Full action plans, check lists and tools to help you and save time

  • Learn at your pace in your time and repeat as often as you need to


     Systematic predictable approach
  • Long term success in the financial markets is not luck. It's cause and effect and comes down to probability

  • We use rule based strategies and methods to find low risk, high reward, high probability setups in the market and know exactly where to enter/exit the position even before we get into the market

  • While managing our risk, cutting our losses short and letting our profits run we are able to lose more often then win and still be profitable

  • Following the entire process we know the KPIs and benchmarks our strategies deliver and have to hit to get consistent, predictable results


     Virtual training and support
  • No matter how good the training is, you will always have questions. Get weekly support through our virtual training

  • Live Q&A webinars every week. Ask all the questions you have and get the answer and examples straight away

  • Every webinar is recorded, so you can watch it if you have missed it, or if you want to go through the topics again 


     In person events
  • Trading and investing can be quite lonely. This is why we like to come together and do physical events where you can learn with people who are on the same wavelength as you

  • Apply everything you have learned with us together on your own laptop

  • Together we will put everything into action. Analyze the market, using the broker, placing trades and much more
Personal mentorship and live trading
  • Up to 4x per week can our clients join us online and see and how we position ourselves in the market

  • In 1:1 coaching we can help you get the edge and find the mistakes that hold you back (Online or in person)

  • Bring your knowledge to the next level by not just applying profitable strategies but gain the same insights as our veteran traders with over a decade market experience
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Requirements For Our Clients

  • You need to be able to spend at least 1 hour per day for the training and to implement what you have learned

  • You need to be ready to get results and be done with the information gathering mode

  • You need to accept the fact that being successful in the markets does not come down to a robot or signal service, but is the result of hard work and dedication
  • Trading or investing experience is not required but the desire to understand the markets

  • You need to be ready to invest your time and capital into the market and into your training

  • You need to be able to follow rules consistently (We show you how to do it)

How To Work With Us

Step 1

You apply for a free 15 minute call by
filling out the form online and send it through

Step 2

We review the application and contact you at the time you submitted for a 15 minute call to figure out what you want to achieve and if we really can help you

Step 3

If it seems like we can help you we create a plan how you can reach your goals and how a cooperation would look like in a free strategy call

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About Become A Trader

At Become A Trader our goal is simple. Provide world class training in trading and investing to put our graduates in the best possible position to understand and trade the financial markets. We know that financial education is a MUST in today’s world yet 90% of people are financially illiterate, hence we build our traders from the ground up regardless of your background.

Whether you are a business owner or in a job we have designed every course to fit around your life style. Whether you want go grow your investment pot for retirement or grow a steady income flow, our courses are designed to work on every time frame and every asset class.

Our owners take pride in what they do. Education is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in being the very best.  One of our CEO’s, Hrishi, studied economics at university and started his trading career at the age of 20. Working with both institutional traders and retail traders has given him the opportunity to work within a multi-million pound fund & grow small accounts at the same time.  

We do not believe in sob stories; everyone has their ups and downs in life but ignoring financial education is not the answer. Our other CEO, Avi, started his trading career when he was just 18. By the age of 24 he was the head trader on a multi-million fund and is now sharing his experience and knowledge with our graduates.

With years of experience working within the industry they created the Blueprint strategy which went on to win an award “Best tailored trading strategy & Best FX trader” in 2016.

They are now dedicated to helping their graduates by training EVERY trader within Become A Trader with the same ethos and knowledge that has taken them over 30 years collectively to acquire.

Your Strategy Call

We only work with people who have got the potential to be great traders and investors. People who are willing to put in the work, who are willing to invest into themselves and their success not only monetary but also the time and who are ready to get real results.

We do this in order to be able to guarantee that our customers really achieve great and sustainable success, because that is exactly our claim!

If you share this philosophy, then we look forward to a non-binding, initial telephone conversation with you, regardless of whether we end up working together or not. 

We are looking forward to speak and work with you!

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GENERAL ADVICE WARNING AND EARNINGS DISCLAIMER: Become A Trader Ltd will only provide you with general advice, not personal or financial advice. That means, we will not consider your personal objectives, financial situations or needs, even if they are known. Accordingly, the advice may not be appropriate for you. We may provide general advice regarding trade size, the level of margin needed and risk management techniques appropriate for our trading strategies. Please note trading and investing involves several risks. Please understand results presented are not typical. Past results, income and percentage claims are not indicative of future returns for you. Although our clients see above average results, the average person who follows any training on trading & investing gets little to no results. Financial instruments can go down as well as up resulting in you receiving less than you originally invested. Do not assume any recommendations, insights, charts, theories, or philosophies will ensure profitable trading & investing for you. Pictures used are for example purposes only. Please ensure you obtain professional or financial advice to ensure that trading or investing in any financial products is suitable for your circumstances, and ensure you obtain, read and understand any applicable offer document. All testimonials on this page are real and can be found on TrustPilot.
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