Weekly Market Update 13 - 05 - 2022 - Oil Volatility, Stock Market Crash, Crypto Meltdown

May 13, 2022

Welcome to your Weekly Market Update

It has been a turbulent week in the financial markets to say the least. With the stock market edging lower for the week, we see continued fear amongst investors continue. The crypto market also dropped across the board showing signs of BTC/USD going to $20,000 as institutional investors prefer to sit in cash or cash equivalents. The movement in the market furthers our case for good risk management and well diversified portfolio.


The oil markets continue to have volatile movements which has been great for us in the Live trading room, taking our total to 3.0% for the month of May. Oil continues to range between the $93and $116 giving us enough room to trade between any intraday breakouts. It is important that traders look to manage their risk while looking to make sure probability is in their favour. For more information how you can join the live trading room please click the link below.

Click here to find out more about the Live Trading Room.



UST/USD falls from grace as a stable coin going form $1 to a low of $0.05 as investors claim to have lost substantial capital. At Become a Trader our stance remains the same with cryptocurrency, and that is to understand the risk attached to trading instruments without regulation. Do not get into projects you do not understand. It is very clear that stable coins without proper infrastructure to back the dollar contains high level of risk and should be treated as such. We will update you further as the story unravels which at the moment is clouded with rumours and hearsay.  


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The Team At Become A Trader