Become A Trader knows that our clients results come first. Here are a few of our client's success stories. We are incredibly proud of what they have to say. 

Client Case Study

Lewis has always been interested in the financial markets. After trying his hand and losing £13,000 in the stock market Lewis decided to get a thorough education so that this wouldn't happen again. 


Through the Become A Trader Academy Lewis gained the knowledge required on how to implement risk management along side a strategy to stop making losses like he had made in the past.


Finished 2020 68.09% in profit. 



”The entire Become A Trader team have assisted me greatly and am really glad I am apart of it. For those that are interested in numbers I finished 2020 68.09% up and that is using the Become A Trader strategies and placing my first trade on 21st October 2020.“


”This mentoring program has significantly supported me in the development of my trading and given me a different view of trading and what is really needed become successful. My results has become more sustainable over time, built my confidence and made trading less stressful regardless of current market conditions."

3 years ago Ulf was looking for a change in career and wanted to work more independently. He was tired of getting next to nothing with his savings in a bank account and decided to take action. 

Ulf has always wondered if he would be good at investing and trading. he finally took the plunge when he joined Become A Trader in 2019 and decided to learn the most effective way to grow his savings. Through our support system which compromises with routine calls and analysis. Ulf was able to gain confidence within his own abilities and utilize & apply the concepts and methodology he has learned.  

3-5% account growth on a monthly basis. 


Catherine Taylor

"Being supported in my trading journey by Avi & Hrishi allowed me to go from a trader who failed to make consistent returns over 3 years, into a successful trader who is confident of achieving my monthly targets set. The course and support is world class."

Ian Lockwood

"I am up 26% on my account in just 3 months of trading. I can not thank the team at Become A Trader enough. Their support has really helped me become confident in my trading. Thank you for showing me this was possible."

Michelle Brown

"Being a mother of three children I wanted to learn how to be able to trade in a way that fits my lifestyle. Using the amazing support and variety of strategies at become a trader, I was able to fit the perfect trading routine into my lifestyle."

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